International transport - Transport | Beskidzka Koniczynka
Expansion of activities to the provision of transport services outside the country became a natural consequence of the development of the company, market requirements as well as meeting customers’ expectations. The European Union market is a kind of "local" market since Poland became part of its structure, so that the directions outside the member states become a new challenge for our company.

We offer 4 types of services:
  • providing express shipments to 1.5T to Euro pallet spaces
  • providing general cargo to 6T to 19 Euro pallet spaces
  • providing partial shipments in the weight range 6-10T to 20 Euro pallet spaces
  • providing full truck shipments; the entire vehicle is dedicated to the shipment to 24T to 38 Euro pallet spaces
We have trailers with standard tarpaulins and specialized trailers designed for transport of metal sheet in coils – "coilmuldes".